Gravity, Tether Technologies
Gravity, Tether Technologies
  • GRAVITY is the first and only industrial-grade, digital tethering solution that automatically preempts master key separation and loss – with absolute reliability.
  • Now you can rest assured of never having to experience a card/key loss event and its costly aftermath.
  • GRAVITY doesn’t find access cards/keys, because they are never lost in the first place.
  • GRAVITY’s sleek, rugged design is engineered for workers’ daily use and convenience: 1) the handy Key unit holds the key ring and 2) the Belt unit securely attaches to the user’s belt via a strong metal belt clip. The Key unit is easily removed by pressing on the thumb release button and lifting up. It returns to the Belt unit with a simple click and snap.
  • Individual Gravity units include all three Standard Belt Clips; Large, Small and Closed-Loop. Standard Clips are removable using a small, flat head screwdriver or a pen knife. Extra-Strong Clips, once installed, are not removable and must be ordered separately.



To watch a video on this product, please click Gravity Video

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